How to Get Help in Windows 10 – Free Updated Guide

As an end-user of Windows 10, you will have cause to get information once in a while. You can also get the information and help you need from time to time.

There are times that you will be the one to initiate the search for information and there are times that Windows 10 will provide you with the help automatically through pop-ups.

If you are using Windows 10 and you are new to this operating system and, therefore, need information on using the operating system, we will show you a couple of things in this write-up that can be of help. By the time you finish reading this write-up, you would have learned about how to get help in Windows 10.

How to Get help in Windows 10

You may get stumped while using Windows 10, especially if you are new to the operating system. Windows 10 can provide the help you need by connecting you to the internet or by providing you with instructions that are built into the operating system.

Windows can also lead you to any of the inbuilt tutorials already in the operating system, depending on the particular type of information you request for. Below, we will show you a couple of things you need to know about windows 10.

Getting help from the desktop

This is about one of the easiest ways to get help with Windows 10. All you need to do to find helpful tips and tutorials on your desktop is to press F1. However, this can only work when you are on the desktop.

If you have any opened file, program or document, you must first close it or minimize it until you are on the desktop. The F1 must be pressed from within Windows. It doesn’t from your brower. And you can also access the help menu through this means on any other desktop program.


Getting help from the start menu

This is one of the commonest ways via which people get help on Windows 10. In fact, anyone can do this successfully; you do not need to be a computer guru to use this method.

How does it work? You only need to click on the Start button and then look for the App. This will reveal some topics that can lead you to the answers that you seek.

Another way to get help through this means is to click n the start menu and type the help topic you are interested in into the search box provided.

You can use this other method to search for any file, program or document that you have stored on your computer. It works very fast and always effective. It can work without the internet and you can also use the method without first navigating to the desktop.


Question mark

This method can also provide you with helpful topics that can help you find answers to various questions you may have about Windows 10. The question mark appears like a little blue question mark icon, which you can find at the top right corner of the Window just below the Close, minimize/maximize boxes.

This question mark icon can be seen on virtually all the programs that run on the Windows 10 and it can only come up when you open that particular program. After clicking on the icon, it will show you a series of topics that can enlighten you about the particular program, file or document you are working with currently and more.


App menu

This is yet another very popular way to receive help. All you have to do in order to find help through this means is to click on the three little lines in the upper-left corner of the app.

After that, a drop-down menu will appear from which you are to choose Settings. Then you should click on the Help button if you can find it; the help button can be found on the pane that comes up along the right edge of the app.

The Windows 10 Getting Start app is one of the best tools via which you can get help. You can open the app by clicking on the Start button located at the lower-left corner of the desktop. After that, click on Get Started icon that appears like a shining bulb. You can find the bulb on the Start menu of the computer. When you click on the Get Started app, it will fill the space and provide you with answers to various questions, some of which are highlighted below:

  • What’s New
  • Search and Help
  • Get Connected
  • Setting things up
  • Start
  • Windows Hello
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Cortana
  • Xbox app
  • Office and so on

The various topics covered on the app menu are listed along the left edge. If you are unable to see the labels of the icon, simply click on the hamburger menu icon, which you can find at the upper-left corner of the app. Once clicked, the left pane of the app will be expanded and you can then see labels nest to the mysterious icons.


Get in touch with customer support

It is equally very important to mention that you can receive help by contacting the customer support. If none of the methods mentioned above could help out, then it is high time you got in touch with the customer support and they can be of help in this regard.

You can contact the customer care through a new app featured in Windows 10.

The app is labeled as Contact Support and it has the same function as any of those robots that make it easy to press various numbers on your device until you are routed to the right department that can answer the questions that you have. You will have to log in with your Microsoft account before you can use the app.

To use the Contact Support app, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Then click on the All Apps button on the Start menu, which you can find along at the bottom left edge.
  3. Next, click on Contact Support.


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