How to use Alarms in Windows 10 – Free Set Alarm and Clock Updated Guide

Clock and Alarm settings can help to wake you up early in the morning or help you to keep up you with very important appointments. Many people using Windows 10 do not know how to use many of the functionalities.

One of the much functionality that these individuals find rather difficult to use or access is the Alarms functionality. Many do not even know that they can set alarm on their Windows 10 computers. In this write-up, we will show you a couple of things to consider when you want to set alarms on your Windows 10 computer.

how to use alarms in windows 10

The simple steps to follow

First, navigate your mouse to the Start button and click on it. It will open a list of the apps and programs on your computer. Next, click on All Apps to open it; you can find All Apps on the list of menu opened when you click on the Start menu.

how to set alarms and clock

After clicking on All Apps, a list of items will open; look for Alarm & Clock and open it.

The computer will open to the Alarm settings page. On this page, click on the existing alarm to open to the next page.

You can now change the sound, time and name of the new alarm that you want to set.

You can also adjust the snooze time and the repeat times of the new alarm.

When you are done with the settings above, simply click on the Save icon; you can find the save icon at the bottom right of the page.

If you want to change the time of the alarm, simply click on the bar that you can find under the Time, after which you can set the new time that you want and then click on the Tick icon.

The alarms you have set on your Windows 10 can work and still be active even if you decide to close the app after setting it or if the app or your computer system is shut down close to the period the alarm goes off. Bear in mind also that alarms can be set on any device that uses the Windows 10 operating system.

You can set it on your desktop, laptop and even mobile device. The setting alarm on Windows 10 on your mobile device ensures that you can easily access your alarm while in motion. Even if your device is locked, the alarm will still sound when the set time arrives.

Nevertheless, you can set the app to only sound when your device is on or when the computer is not locked. You can equally change the settings so that the alarms will sound even if the device is locked. You can modify the settings by following the steps below:

  1. First of all, go to Settings on your device
  2. Then you can click on System
  3. Navigate to Power & Sleep and click on it.

On this page, you can then adjust how you want alarms to work and set the sleep settings anyway, you like.

In addition, you can set the volume of the alarm the same way you can set the normal volume on your device. You can adjust the volume just enough to enable you to hear it.


How to respond to the alarm

After the alarm has sounded, you can respond to it by either dismissing it or snoozing it. the alarms will page will open and show you two tabs, asking you if you want to Snooze the alarm or you want to Dismiss it. It is up to you to decide which action you want to take between the two. You can equally edit the time zone of the alarm to suit your specific time zone so that it can sound exactly when you want it to sound.


How to set alarm and clock on Windows 10

We should also talk about how to set your clock on Windows 10 as part of using an alarm on this operating system. You can follow the steps below to set your clock on Windows 10.

  1. Look for the Clock tab on the Alarm/Clock app and click on it.
  2. Next, click on the New+ tab, which is located at the bottom of the page
  3. You can then set your location by typing the first few letters of any location you prefer. The location you provide will determine the city, whose time will be shown on your device. A list of cities supported will appear in the drop-down menu and you can select any city for which you want to set the clock. If the city for which you want to set the time is not among the listed cities, you can simply choose a different city with a similar time zone; bear in mind that the two or more cities can share a time zone.
  4. You can then click on Compare if you are comparing between two clocks. After this, you can click on any time on the slider, which you can find at the bottom of the page. If you want to modify the location that the slider is pointing to, you can select the location on a map to do that.
  5. You can click on Esc or select cancel if you want to stop comparing between two different times.


Setting stopwatch on Windows 10

Use the tips below to set the stopwatch on your Windows 10 operating system.

  1. Click on Stopwatch and then on Start
  2. You can choose between split and lap while the stopwatch is running. You can use the Laps/Splits to do this.
  3. Next, click on Expand and this will help to increase the size of the displayed stopwatch. You can do this at any time.
  4. Next, you can click on Pause to temporarily stop the clock
  5. In addition, you can click on reset when you want to clear the clock and start all over again.

The settings above are very easy to understand. Even if this is your first time of ever using Windows 10 or if you have never set the alarm before. The process is straightforward. It will not take you more than a few minutes to set alarms.

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